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  welcome to information about UK & Irish railway engines and stock. Included is information on all known preserved, private and hired locos, the main industrial locos which are readily accessible to the public, some British locos abroad and all known stock (DMUs, EMUs, coaches, wagons and plant). Excluded are mainline locos, coaches and units as they are not based at specific locations and there are many other sources of information about them. Class 08/09s are included because they are heritage locos and so many private shunters operate on the national railway network that trying to categorise and differentiate private and leased locos from mainline shunters has proved impossible. Shunters also spend some time at the same location, so it helps to keep records accurate! 


 For current mainline locos, units or stock, you could also try, or Google.


  Where information is available, individual records contains brief notes on the history of ownership, latest livery and recent sightings. The information should be a useful aid whether you're interested in heritage or popular industrial railway motive power, whether you visit railway museums and 'preserved' lines or you just enjoy UK railway operations and want to know what that old coach or wagon was in the field you just passed.


  There are also around 500 UK web-sites in the Links on the left, which include not just all gauges of loco, coach, DMU and EMU, but also railway operators, film sales outlets and related sites with other general information.


  To access the information, we have a simple & flexible search facility to answer questions like "what can I expect to see there?" and "where is this or that engine, carriage or wagon?" and you can produce lists by location or the individual loco record etc, anything you probably want really.



About The Database & Search Facility :


  A full explanation of how to operate the search facility is given with the search panel, but searches can be made on the field(s) of your choice (Location, Builder, Works Number etc). You can use whole, or part words and produce a list of stock from which a selected record may be obtained, which may include a current picture as well, if one has been found.

This also means that you can obtain:

      -  lists of items at a particular location so as to identify them before, or while you are there and

      -  lists of locos from a particular manufacturer etc.

Best thing is to give it a go as it stands and see what comes up, narrowing your search, if required, by the buttons provided. If the loco or unit you want isn't shown, try looking at the Scrapped section just in case!  Records are kept here to ensure that items aren't missed, to maintain visibility and just for information to ensure that it is still there in case a loco does return from the scrap yard. Further information will be added to the database, but much information is already there so just take the plunge, give it a go.

Be aware that some locos are located at very personal and private locations so do contact the owners before visiting and

 do respect the fact that you may still be refused access!  Do NOT trespass on private property!



Sources of Information: 


  The source databases are regularly updated from Industrial Railway Society reports, various internet groups such as "Yahoo Groups", from personal observations and less frequently from publications such as the Railway Magazine, Entrain, Heritage Railways, Narrow Gauge Railway Society Magazines, Railway Correspondence & Travel Society etc. which mostly confirm sightings previously reported. By the way, once you have become a member of "Yahoo Groups", you can join the group(s) of your choice, such as "The_Shunter_Page", "The Industrial_Railway_Society" and "The_Preservation_Page".

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  For those who are not aware, members of these Groups are encouraged to submit observations and information, they can also search for any information they are looking for and ask other members for information and help. This method of ommunicating railway sightings instantly reaches a wide like-minded audience and even if you have a difficult question, there is almost always someone out there who has the answer.


  There are also hundreds of UK railway web-sites around providing up-to-date information, many listed on our 'Links' pages, but the Industrial Locomotive Society is one which has frequently provided a lot of the more historic information about locomotives, their builder, names & locations etc. over many years. You are therefore urged to view these from time to time for notifications and information on railway events, stock updates and special haulage.




  It would be wrong of me not to acknowledge the contribution initially made by Stewart Ingram, who provided all the original DMU, EMU and more historic information, in particular the original notes in the record Comments boxes. Though it has taken some time to cross reference his database, I have personally found the information very interesting and have frequently found answers to some long asked questions. Also, a big thanks to Steve Best and the boys in the background who have, and continue to, supply information on all stock, trams, undergrounds, bodies in fields and plant etc. as well as manipulating the database to provide you the most accurate information in the best way possible.

  Finally, a big thank you to Andrew Nix, who arranged the original web-space for the database and without whose initial help I wouldn't have persisted so far in making these pages suitable to present the information to the public.


 If you can contribute any information on engines, movements and purchases in particular, or if you have any other comments or ideas for improving this web-site, or more importantly the presentation of the information, then please e-mail me at mick(at)



Privacy Policy:

Please note that this site is freely funded and that we do not use cookies or obtain or use any personal information about our users.

Please respect the information herein. It has been provided freely and with the goodwill of many owners for your personal interest and information.



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